Administrative Offices


The Personal Touch

Staff at the administrative offices of the Good Will companies are recognized not only for special achievements but also for jobs done exceptionally well. The team concept is of paramount importance in the administrative offices. The Board of Directors, officers and executive staff realize that competent, energetic and friendly support is a requirement for overall success. From Order Entry and Customer Relations to Accounting and Fulfillment, professional administration with a personal touch is part of the mission of the Good Will companies. The Good Will companies believe in the inherent dignity of the individual and consequently strive as part of its mission to treat all individuals regardless of position with the respect and deference that every human being deserves.

Good Will is large enough to automate office procedures where the latest technology would enhance administrative functions but small enough to accommodate customers and field representatives through competent, friendly, personal attention. Administrative staffers, sales representatives and customers are treated with the respect and deference not only because it's smart business but more importantly, because it's the right thing to do.