The Good Will Publishers Group of Companies

The Sponsorship Companies
The Corporate & Organizational Companies
The Catholic Publishing and Distribution Companies


The Good Will Sponsorship Companies offer a variety of unique and dignified public relations programs involving the distribution of specially designed books to designated recipient groups which bind citizens of the community closer than ever by helping them recognize and celebrate the values that made them a community in the first place, while at the same time creating good will on behalf of community minded sponsors.

The Corporate and Organizational Companies through the distribution of specially designed bereavement books that offer help and inspiration to families that have lost a loved one help institutions show support for their employees and patrons by expressing their personal care and concern. In so doing employers are helped to create a more humane workplace and demonstrate good will toward their employees and their families.

The Catholic Publishing and Marketing Companies employ the benefits of modern marketing and communication techniques to help individuals more fully grasp the principles and traditions of their Faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord.