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In 1938 E.F. Gallagher and his son, E.F. “Bud” Gallagher, Jr. started a direct sales company distributing bibles under the name of Good Will Distributors. They gradually expanded their operation until in the 1950’s they had become the largest distributor of bibles in the country with sales organizations in every region.

Under the leadership of Bud Gallagher, Good Will would expand its reach by creating and publishing other religious volumes which put forth Judeo Christian values. In the early 1960’s the company shifted its focus to a “business to business” model which targeted audiences in small to midsize communities. Value–oriented keepsake volumes for school age children, newlyweds and the bereaved would be “sponsored” by local businesses or individuals. These sponsorships would enhance the local business leader’s image in the community in a unique and dignified manner.

In the early 1980’s a third generation took over the helm of the organization with the leadership of first Patrick L. Gallagher and then Robert M. Gallagher, both sons of the late Bud Gallagher. Robert M. Gallagher continues today as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Robert M. Gallagher and his wife, Jackie, are the majority shareholders, but have passed executive leadership on to the fourth generation.

In 2019, Conor Gallagher was promoted to CEO of Good Will Publishers, which houses three distinct operating divisions: Community Services of America, Ambassador Services and Saint Benedict Press. Community Services of America is led by COO Billy Schiffiano and Ambassador Services is led by COO Sean Gallagher. This fourth generation of leadership continues to diversify the products and services of Good Will Publishers and faithfully executes the same mission of the first generation – to spread Good Will.