A Note from Our CEO

Robert M. Gallagher

We live in strange and difficult times. The traditional values formed in the light of Judeo-Christian precepts were once the foundation of our culture. These values informed the major institutions of our country. They were readily accepted in the family, in our schools, in our places of work and in the public square. Today these same values are under attack at most every juncture in our society. The Good Will Group of Companies in one way or another celebrates these same values and offers our customers the opportunity to associate themselves with these values through an affiliation with one or more of our companies.

At Good Will while we celebrate these values we also strive to conduct every phase of our business consonate with these time tested principles that form the basis of our Free Society and our Free Enterprise Economy. We believe with this freedom we enjoy comes a great responsibility to treat everyone our customers, employees, and vendors alike with the same respect and dignity with which we ourselves wish to be treated.

In the conduct of business it is the responsibility of leadership to create an environment where these values are not only present but are daily demonstrated in our dealings with others.