The Group of Companies


The Sponsorship Companies

The sponsorship companies center on public relations programs offered to businesses and professionals in small and mid-sized communities. As a part of each public relations program specially designed keepsake gift volumes are distributed on behalf of our sponsors to designated recipients for the purpose of creating good will for our participating sponsors. Each sponsor is identified in a permanent fashion in the front of each volume.

The Heritage Company
This company works with local funeral homes in designing, publishing and distributing volumes created to offer comfort, consolation and hope to grieving families. Community-minded citizens sensitive to the needs of these families sponsor the Heritage Company volumes.


The Ambassador Company
The Ambassador Company generally uses community elementary schools as the channel of distribution and sends to them for their first and fourth grade youngsters beautifully illustrated volumes designed to help develop good character. As with our other programs, these volumes are published by Good Will and the people of the business community make them possible.
Family Business Services
Family Business Services offers a public relations program to business owners that reaches out to newlyweds and their parents as well as those couples celebrating hallmark wedding anniversaries. Special volumes have been developed for each group and local business leaders sponsor the program.
Public Relations Institute
The Public Relations Institute distributes special spiritual volumes for the children of pre-school and child care programs again, via the local business leaders. These volumes are designed for the smaller children and are reflective of Judeo Christian precepts. Each volume goes home with the child for his or her very own and, as with our other sponsorship programs, the sponsors’ names are listed on a page in the front of each volume.