Leadership Triangle
Leadership at Good Will is viewed within the context of service to others, yet if developed properly, it also brings out the better qualities of the individual. When these qualities flourish among groups of loyal employees, the business will thrive. The Leadership Triangle is Good Will’s model of service to the organization. At its base are the cardinal virtues of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Unity. These qualities represent what individuals seek and they exemplify what type of environment Good Will attempts to maintain. The left side of the triangle represents the further virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude, the virtues a servant leader must employ to be able to decide and act upon issues that present themselves not only for the benefit of the business but for the good of the employees and customers as well. The right side of the triangle represents the core competencies that all leaders must develop in any given corporate structure, such as an ability to communicate effectively and to grasp the financial ramifications of decisions, among others. After adding all these qualities together, at the top of the triangle is “integrity.” Every Good Will leader is aided in developing the qualities outlined in the triangle because the current leadership understands that Good Will is a people business and without the cultivation of virtue, everything we do will come to naught. And, finally, in the middle of the triangle is the virtue of “humility” which opens the door to all other virtues.