Who We Are

Good Will Publishers, Inc. is a North Carolina corporation consisting of a group of related companies that publish and distribute value-oriented and religious books that are in nature Judeo-Christian or are otherwise inspirational or beneficial.


The Good Will Idea

Since its founding in 1938, Good Will Publishers has stood the test of time to become a truly unique and outstanding organization. The Good Will idea, the idea upon which its long-term success has been built, is two-fold:

1. Integrity in all its dealings with customers, employees, vendors and all others as well; and
2. To offer an array of products and programs that touch the hearts and minds of families who receive or use them in such a way that their lives are made better.

Through prudent operation, expansion and acquisitions, Good Will has developed a group of companies that while faithful to its long history are exceptionally stable, financially successful and well positioned for growth and continued success.

In every Good Will company the impetus is to distribute value-oriented products or programs that help individuals live more fulfilled and better lives, while offering its employees the opportunity to earn a living by doing good and doing well financially at the same time. For the Good Will Group, success is about more than profit. While profit, of course, is necessary, for Good Will it is not sufficient. For the Good Will Group, success also requires that its customers, be they individuals or organizations, are able to benefit from the products and programs offered and that its employees are provided with a real opportunity to earn a competitive and living wage consistent with their responsibilities, talents, and efforts expended.

These ideas form the foundation of the product development and operating principles of the organization. The name Good Will actually describes its mission, that is to spread Good Will. In pursuing this mission Good Will Publishers, Inc. is committed to operating all phases of business in a highly ethical manner consonant with the materials it publishes and distributes.

The Good Will idea is simple: To do well and to do good by offering employees, customers and associates an opportunity to become their better selves.