Good Will Publishers

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Ambassador Services

Ambassador Services oversees a collection of subsidiaries that specialize in providing support and comfort during significant life events and professional milestones. Their businesses focus on delivering personalized and meaningful products, such as customized gifts, bereavement items, baby gifts, memorial Bibles, and more, tailored to various audiences including employees, veterans, union members, and those within the funeral industry. These products, ranging from work anniversary gifts to funeral supplies, are designed to foster a sense of community, remembrance, and support. Ambassador Services’ subsidiaries operate with a commitment to reinforcing connections between individuals, organizations, and their communities during critical moments, whether in celebration, commemoration, or condolence.


Community Services of America is the oldest division of Good Will Publishers, Incorporated, which has, since its founding in 1938, spread good will throughout America’s local towns and communities. Each of CSA’s associated companies are dedicated to publishing and distributing inspirational and Judeo-Christian value-oriented books. CSA sales representatives work in communities and towns across the United States with the mission of creating programs that truly touch the hearts and minds of local families and bring lasting recognition and respect to community businesses.

Good & True Media

Good & True Media aims to educate the imagination of children through fun, thought-provoking stories built on a strong moral foundation. We are dedicated to deepening the mind, moving the heart, and strengthening the soul of children. We foster wonder in children so that they can pursue a virtuous life.

By publishing new value-based stories with a strong moral message and by republishing classic works in a way that makes the stories of old new and accessible to a modern audience, we are able to be the positive influence parents need when entrusting their children to media.

Launched in 2021, Good & True is a proudly Christian company that has published dozens of best-selling, award-winning children’s books and multimedia programs. We pledge to remain steadfast in our core purpose—to help children grow in virtue.

Saint Benedict Press

Saint Benedict Press is a publisher of Catholic books and bibles and the parent company of TAN Books. Founded in 2008, Saint Benedict Press has published various classic Catholic books and devotionals and established itself as the only Catholic publisher to carry all three major Catholic Bible translations – the Douay-Rheims (D-R), Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) and New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE). Presently, Saint Benedict Press does business as TAN Books, a prominent traditional Catholic publisher with a catalog of more than 1,500 Catholic books, ebooks, video programs, educational courses, podcasts, and more.