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Saint Benedict Press is a publisher of Catholic books and bibles and the parent company of TAN Books. Founded in 2008, Saint Benedict Press has published various classic Catholic books and devotionals and established itself as the only Catholic publisher to carry all three major Catholic Bible translations – the Douay-Rheims (D-R), Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) and New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE). Presently, Saint Benedict Press does business as TAN Books, a prominent traditional Catholic publisher with a catalog of more than 1,500 Catholic books, ebooks, video programs, educational courses, podcasts, and more.


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TAN Books was founded in 1967 to keep books that taught the traditional Catholic faith in print. Over the next 40 years, TAN published hundreds of new and classic titles on theology, Scripture, Church history, traditional devotions (including St. Louis de Montfort’s The Secret of the Rosary, which was printed in more than 4 million copies), and the lives of saints, many of which were reprints of titles from noteworthy American Catholic publishers such as Benziger Brothers and B. Herder Book Company. TAN began publishing the Douay–Rheims Bible in 1971, an English translation of the Latin Vulgate. It remains the only traditional Catholic Bible available in the English-speaking world.

Saint Benedict Press acquired TAN in 2008. “TAN Books and Publishers” became “TAN Books” after its acquisition, with the “TAN” acronym now standing for Tuum Adoramus Nomen (Latin for “Let Us Adore Thy Name”). For more than half a century, TAN has preserved and promoted the spiritual, theological, and liturgical traditions of Holy Mother Church.

With an uncompromising mission to help people become saints, TAN publishes more than 1,000 titles oriented towards the interior life, as modeled by the saints. including titles on Thomistic theology, traditional devotions, Church doctrine, Church history, the lives of saints, educational resources, Sacred Scripture, and much more.